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Scio Biofeedback Scan



A Scio Scan can be done from the comfort of your home. Scio scans are able to pick up the client anywhere in the world without the person needing to be with the practitioner.

Analysis Session

1 hour Scio Scan Session - Analysis Session

1 Hour Treatment - Balance Balance Session 
Balance the limbic system of the brain
Balance Meridians
Balance the terrain of the body

Balance Spine
Balance Chakras
Balance the organs of the body

Balance Energetic Field of Body
Color Therapy

Done online via ZOOM

Balance Session

Communicate via WhatsApp


Each session is a deeper healing into the energetic and physical body



Day 1 - In-depth Chakra Healing

Day 2 - DNA and Organ Healing 

Day 3 - Meridian Acupuncture Healing

Day 4 - Detoxification of Major Organs

Day 5 - Aura clearing and Clearing of disturbances on any of the planes

Day 6 - Deeper energetic detox of the whole body

Day 7 - Deep Cleanse for the Spinal cord

Day 8 - One more detox of the major organs

Day 9 - Continued work on the major organs of the body

Day 10 - One last detox of the entire body

Specific Details are required from the client:

1. Full Birth Name

2. Birth Place

3. Date of Birth

See details below.

What is the Quantum SCIO? 
SCIO stands for Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation system. SCIO is derived from Latin "to know". 

The SCIO is a sophisticated and profound energetic medicine system. It incorporates electro-dermal screening, stress testing and biofeedback. It is a computerized system that both tests and balances the body at the subtle energy level. 

It integrates the sciences of mathematics, quantum physics, fractal dynamics, subspace theory, electronics, and computer programming. The therapies include the following modalities: naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, energetic medicine, psychology, aromatherapy, reflexology, color therapy, Neuro- Linguistic Programming, biofeedback and Rife Resonator. It also incorporates knowledge of metaphysical subjects to bring a unique synergistic perspective to natural healing. 

What is meant by "subtle energy"?
Intelligent or invisible energy for diagnosis and healing has been used for thousands of years in acupuncture and other ancient, traditional healing arts. Conventional Western Medicine is the only major health system which does not recognize any form of biological energy. Quantum physics in the past 100 years has provided a scientific understanding of the electro-magnetism, which is at the heart of energetic medicine.

Every cell, organ, meridian and emotion has a characteristic electro-magnetic signature. Illness can start as an energetic disturbance, which can be detected by the SCIO. The body's subtle energy system is an early warning system. Imbalances in the body's subtle energies show up much earlier than overt physical disease.

How often have you complained of symptoms, for which all the tests come back normal? By the time blood tests and X-rays reveal abnormalities, the disease process may be quite far advanced. Healing can often only be addressed by harmonizing the subtle energies.

All aspects of our lives [physical health and illness, emotions, thoughts] operate according to the laws of quantum physics. We can now all have access to the power of energetic healing, combined with ancient wisdom and modern technology. 

What does the SCIO do?
The SCIO is a sophisticated, biofeedback system, which is designed for stress detection and stress reduction. It does NOT diagnose any clinical diseases.
The SCIO measures the unconscious of the client, and provides an interface between the conscious and unconscious minds. The unconscious monitors the total complexity of current and past life experience. Since the conscious mind is aware of only a tiny fraction of this totality of exposure, it is therefore not a reliable source of information of life or disease.

The device gathers bio-energetic data from the body via fifty-five parameters simultaneously. This happens at biological speed, which is 1/100th second for each stimulus. This means that thousands of items can be screened for reaction from the body in a few minutes.

Imbalances at the energetic or subtle energy level can be an early warning system regarding health status. If imbalances go uncorrected, eventually physical symptoms will erupt, and health problems and disease develop. As well as being an early system of prevention, keeping the subtle energies balanced helps to restore physical energy. 

The SCIO communicates with the body to determine what energy imbalances are most affecting personal health; physical, mental and emotional concerns. It is calibrated to measure the body’s subtle reactions to a database of biological, psychological and medical items in electro-magnetic form. The sensitivity is set so finely that it picks up the earliest sign of disease [see Integrative Medicine] and distress. The information is then prioritized to help the practitioner zero-in on the body's current specific needs. 

The program offers information specific to subtle energies – emotional and mental stresses, nutritional needs, toxins, food sensitivities, digestive and elimination needs, etc. The values shown represent an 85% probability that the body has reacted to that particular signal. 

Evaluation and treatment
For best results, a highly trained practitioner needs to evaluate these readings. By analyzing recurring patterns, he/she will be able to give information about issues which may be below conscious recognition, such as mental and emotional stresses, nutritional suggestions, food sensitivities, digestive and elimination needs etc. The energetic imbalances are identified by the SCIO in order of the body's priorities. Treatment is thus similar to peeling an onion; each session will work with the outermost layer. The SCIO applies the appropriate frequencies to help correct the imbalances and allow the body to shift gears into a state of greater health and vitality. 

The subconscious indicates which treatment or remedies are most appropriate for each individual. The practitioner will recommend nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes, based on their ability to boost the body's energy fields. The practitioner will apply his/her clinical judgment to determine the core illness, frequency of treatments needed, and strategy for subsequent sessions. 

In order to get the most out of a SCIO session the client will need to accept responsibility for his/her health and be prepared to implement the recommended lifestyle changes. 

What can it do for you?
The therapeutic effects range from the mundane to the complex, from localized tooth pain to whole body health.

  • Recognition of problem areas: In the hands of a trained health practitioner, the imbalances in the subtle energy field are tracked to determine the most probable sources of ill health. It stimulates conscious awareness of unconscious processes.

  • Energetic treatment: In addition the SCIO has the capability to transmit approximately 50 different corrective energies to help the body establish energetic balance for health and well being. This includes locating and unblocking the flow of energy, zapping pathogens, biofeedback, stimulating repair processes, stimulating detoxification, desensitizing allergies, reducing stress, balancing emotions, balancing chakras and more.

  • Additional treatment recommendations: The health practitioner is also able to determine the lifestyle changes and remedies, including correction of nutritional deficiencies, that will best help as a next step in a plan for better health. 

It is important to understand that the healing, which begins immediately, may, or may not, be overtly perceptible for a while. The healing process may begin subtly on the inside, with small stimuli starting cascade reactions, which result in significant changes. While it is possible that some acute imbalances may be corrected in one session, a series of sessions will generally tend to be most beneficial. 

The SCIO Flow of Health

  • Identify and then remove the cause of stress. The client must be prepared to take responsibility for his/her illness. 

  • Repair any damaged organs. 

  • Clear blockages to flow of energy in the body. 

  • Reduce symptoms with natural methods. 

  • Correct constitutional make-up, or tendencies of the client. 

How does the SCIO compare to other computerized electro-dermal screening devices?
Unlike other devices, the SCIO does not rely on a “point probe”; therefore the practitioner cannot, consciously or unconsciously, influence the results.
Whereas most devices measure skin resistance only, the SCIO uses 3 dimensional measurements to produce a 3-D analysis.

The SCIO is very fast, testing more than 8000 reactivity items and scoring the results, in 3-4 minutes. The rest of the consultation time is spent analyzing and treating.

The SCIO has built in mechanisms for auto-regulating, auto-adjusting and safety shut-off, so accidental over-treatment is avoided.

It has a whole person focus, and communicates on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels.


For more information on SCIO operation, please see below. 
The SCIO is a safe, powerful evoked-potential biofeedback device designed for simplicity of use and powerful healing. Designed by Professor William Nelson, the SCIO works naturopathically to stimulate and harness the tremendous capacity of the human system for self-healing. The Quantum SCIO scans the client's body much like a virus-scan on a computer, looking for everything from viruses, deficiencies, weaknesses, allergies, abnormalities and food sensitivities. It reports on the biological reactivity and resonance in your body and indicates needs, dysfunctions and vulnerabilities. The SCIO technology is based on over 20 years of research in bio-energetic and bio-resonance medicine. The SCIO provides the best energetic analysis possible, far surpassing single parameter probe systems.

How SCIO Works 
The SCIO is a highly sophisticated program with sensors attached by wires to the ankles, wrists and forehead that measure and feed resonance information between the SCIO and the client. The ionic exchanges of reaction that take place in your body and brain (at 1/100 of a second) are measured as energetic components in your body. With a feedback loop, the device measures your resonance pulse and sends back an alternate pulse to which your body responds. In turn, your body alters its own reactance pulse, thus creating a change. For example, from pain to no pain, malignant to benign, compulsive to anxiety-free, imbalance to balance. Due to the 'autofocus' function, the SCIO can adjust bio-feedback therapies to ensure and constantly adjust the correct settings during therapy. The SCIO is an Evoked Potential Bio-Feedback Device. This function eliminates the need for expert knowledge about rife, bio-com and electro-acupuncture.

Unique SCIO Features
Unlike any other therapy device on the market, the SCIO has a built-in mechanism that monitors the subject during the session. This ensures the individuality of each test and therapeutic session. 


SCIO Detects
Allergens, Emotions, Meridians, Amino acids, Fatty acids, Minerals, Animal diseases, Flower Essences, Muscles, Aroma therapy oils, Foods, Organ sarcodes, Bacteria, Fungi, Parasites, Blood Chemistry, Geopathics, Physic Energies, Bones, Herbs, Prions, Candida, Homeopathics-Isodes, Spiritual Energies, Chakras, Homeopathics-Nosodes, Toxins, Chromosomes, Homeopathics-Classical, Urine chemistry, Dental diseases & products, Homeopathics-Combinations, Venoms, Digestion, Hormones, Viruses, Diseases, Ligaments, Vitamins, Drugs, Miasmas, Worms, EEG,ECG, Brain wave. 

SCIO Therapies 

  • Autofocus Therapies - Acupuncture, Chakra, Chiropractic, Color, Rife, Trivector (Bicom/Mora), Spiritual Healing, Biofeedback. 

  • Specialist - Acupuncture, Craniosacral, Iridology, Brain wave, Allergen de-sensitization, Fat loss, TMJ, Eye, Hearing, Cholesterol, Sport, Beauty, Detoxification, Aging, Dental. 

  • Emotional & Mental - NLP Individual, NLP Group, NLP family, Gestalt, Neuro net stabilization, Emotional Growth, Unconscious reactivity, Electro hypnosis. 

  • Stress - Music, Biofeedback.

  • Focused - Degeneration, Injury, Pain, Metabolic repair, Hormonal, Neurological, Relaxation & Sleep, Digestive, Feel Good, Oxygenation, Muscle building, Flexibility, Co-ordination, Immune Stim, Chronic fatigue, Anti inflammation, Fibrositis, Intellect Stim, Physic abilities, stem Blood sugar, Parasymc NS, Sympathetic NS, Autonomic NS. 

  • Testing - Nutritional Supplements and Homeopathics. 

SCIO Overview 
The SCIO is the most advanced system of analysis and therapy available in energetic medicine today. It is capable of processing over 60 million bits of data to help detect stressors in the body and all within 3 minutes to save the practitioner valuable time in coming up with your analysis and therapy plan.

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